Attendees:  Robin Ames, Janet Hale, Chris Lancaster and Dante Lazzaris

Absent:  Todd Goblinger and Jeremy Lawrence

Back Yard Fences:   Reviewed the comments received from the community with these thoughts:

  • Ask Oliva Harris DeVall (lawyer) about wording in the Declaration about approving fences.
  • Define rules for fences:
    • Standard White Vinyl from Lowes
    • Height of fence (4 feet)
    • Approved plans by HOA Board/Landscape Committee
    • Allow on property line with written consent of neighbor and without consent how far away from property line?
    • Maintain yard within fence
    • Maintain fence itself
    • Each fence should have at least one gate
    • Check with Scott Summers about waiver from developer for fence installer approval.

Speed Bumps:    We will look into installing two or three speed bumps at the entrance of the development.   One or two on hill and one or two on flat road before mail boxes.   Because this is a safety issue and the board has exhausted all other options in slowing drivers down, we feel we do not need to have a community vote on this topic.

Right of Way Agreement:    Oliva Harris DeVall (lawyer) provided us with an update on her review of the development documents and answered questions regarding land slippage property issues.  She also drafted a letter to the owner of house at the top of the hill regarding the removal of the decorative fence so that we can place our sign on that property.

Engineer Report:  Ask Todd to check with Pat about the status of this request.  Janet emailed the request on April 1, 2012 and as of 5/5/2012, has not heard anything from Pat Gallagher (CTL Engineering).

Snow Removal:  Janet will check with Flawless Landscaping about the contract.

Mailbox Landscaping:  The Weber’s have asked to do some landscaping around the mailbox area.  Robin, Chris and I have agreed to meet with them to discuss this request to ensure that their plans do not interfere with the plans to enclose the mail boxes and lighting the mailbox area.

Accountant:  Janet has requested information from the accountant without any response.  Dante will meet with Susan to correct the issues we are experiencing.

Community Yard Maintenance:  Last year Todd cut the grass on the community property and has asked to step down from doing that this year.  Janet will contact Yoder’s landscaping to request an estimate and see if they are interested in cutting the community property .  This includes the entrance roadway, Turner property on Hidden Point trail, Mail box lot and the Open lot next to the barn.

Dogs:  Janet suggested that we send the community a letter stating that the board will  send letters to home owners regarding pet issues but have agreed that we are not the “DOG POLICE”.  The letter will stress that it is the each community members responsibility to report issues with dogs to the proper  authorities (the county  humane society).  We will include a copy of the county ordinance concerning this topic.

Next HP HOA Board Meeting:  June 5th, 2012 at 6:30

Attendees:  Robin Ames, Todd Goblinger, Janet Hale, Chris Lancaster, Jeremy Lawrence, Dante Lazzaris 

Snow Removal: We are going to renew the contract with Flawless Landscaping.  They were the best bid that we received.

Land Slippage:  We are still waiting to hear back from our new attorney on this issue as well as some others.   There has been a repair completed on the lower side of the road entering the development.  This is good news as long as it holds up.  We are hoping they do not bring horses back in or if they do bring them in maybe there will not be as many.  We will all try to keep our eyes on the hillside for any new signs of slippage.  We also discussed some sort of thank you card or nice gesture, but thought we would see if Chris would like some input on that subject since he has had previous conversations with them.

The rumor is that the developer building on the other side of South Pierpont Road the hillside will be owned and fixed the area above the road when they run a utility line through the hillside.  We are not sure of a timeframe on this project.

Yard Fences: There is no update on possible fence rules / regulations from other neighborhoods that could be helpful for us.  We are going to send out a letter asking for any opinions on fences since there have been multiple people talking about pros and cons.  This will be sort of an informal poll to see how we might want to proceed.

Community Update Letter:  In addition to the fence issue, the letter that is sent out will include another reminder about cleaning up after pets and another reminder about speeding.  It will also mention parking on the street and a directory info form to see if we can get residents to fill that out.

Pet Clean-up: We will send another letter to the house on Hidden Point trail about cleaning up after their pets.  We will also put another reminder in the update letter.

Yard Sale: The community yard sale will be June 9th.

Cleanup Day: The cleanup day will be the weekend following the yard sale.  June 16th.

Social Media: No new news on the facebook page.

Speeding: There is still a problem with speeding.   Some of the vehicles have been speeding through the development for years.  Others are guests, people new to the area, delivery drivers and service companies.  Information will be included in the update letter on the details of buying and installing speed bumps.

Website: The website domain name will be renewed for three years at a cost of $87.00

Next Board Meeting: May 15th 2012 at 6:30 PM

Attendees:  Robin Ames, Todd Goblinger, Janet Hale, Chris Lancaster, Jeremy Lawrence

Absent:  Dante Lazzaris

Land Slippage:  We are waiting to hear back from the new attorney.

Fence / Sign Issue:  We are waiting on the attorney to get back to us on this issue also.

Collecting Assessments:  We reviewed a draft of an additional section to the By-laws that covers using small claims court to collect delinquent assessments.  With a few minor changes, the section was approved by the five attending members.  We will ask the new lawyer about writing a letter to the homeowners to encourage homeowners to pay their delinquent debt to avoid small claims court.  The updated by-laws will be placed on the web site.

Landscape Committe: Backyard Fences:  The landscape committee has material for review so that they can draft some rules and regulations for addition to the bylaws.  They have an example of rules from another community as well as some pictures and information from Lowes.

Speeding:  Todd will look in to the cost and availability of removable speed bumps.

Snow Removal:  We will be following up with two bids for snow removal.  Robin has a spreadsheet started so that we can add bids and compare.

Dog and Cat Issues:  304 Hidden point trail will receive another letter about their dogs leaving a mess on community property.  The letter will also mention their possible loose cat.

Directory Info:  We will send out or go door to door with information forms.  Along with the information forms we will explain the reasoning for the directory.  Information should include pets owned as well as children’s age, names, etc.  It will be up to the homeowners to decide how much detail they will provide.

Social Media:  Jeremy has done some work on a facebook page but it has not been posted yet.

Community yard sale:  We are waiting to find out when Ashton Estates schedules their sale. 2 board members have friends or family there who will tell us.

Next Meeting:  April 10th at 6:30 PM

Election of new officers:
      Janet Hale – President
      Robin Ames – Vice President
      Dante Lazzaris – Treasurer
      Todd Goblinger – Secretary
2012 Budget:
The proposed budget passed with the 2012 assessment being $250.00.
Land Slippage
  • We have found a lawyer:  Olivia Harris Duvall
  • She will be looking in to the procedure to get the property and right of way surveyed.  She will help us determine responsibility for structural repair of the road.  She will help us draft letters to our neighbors with the horse pasture as well as possible letters to some of our homeowners for other projects.
Street Parking:
We will need to send out a letter regarding prolonged or repeated parking on the street.  It inhibits snow removal this time of year.  It is also probably not the safest thing for traffic.
Outstanding homeowner debt:
  • 2 households currently owe over $1000.00 to the HOA for paving and regular assessments.
  • Plan to send a letter from an attorney to these homeowners and possibly to others who are building debt.
  • Possible small claims court proceedings if the letters do not help.
  • 13 houses owe money to the HOA for a total of around $6000.00
  • It is agreed that we need some form of consistency if people are going to have fences.
  • We will do some research in other developments and at building material suppliers to set up some regulations.
  • Landscape committee will start with Chris Lancaster.
Discussed having more community gatherings to promote getting to know your neighbors.
Snow Removal:
Will be getting bids for next winter from Premier Landscape, Yoder, etc.
Mailbox Lighting:
  • It will be a good idea to wait until we build a sign at the top of Ruidosa.  This way the sign will match the mailbox roof/lighting
  • The lights could possibly be underneath the roof.
Dogs and Cats:
  • Possible sign along Hidden Point Trail.
  • Talk with your neighbors to promote awareness.
Directory Info:
  • Discussed sending out a form to fill out.
  • Discussed social media as a way to connect.  Jeremy will start a facebook page.
  • If we send out a form, we will include a statement about reasons for having a directory.
Community area yard maintenance:
  • After we post a note near the mailboxes about facebook, maybe we can seek a neighbor to help out.
  • Last year this took about 2-3 hours every 2 or 3 weeks.
Community Potluck:
This should be done again.
Community Cleanup Day:
  • Group trash pickup with neighborhood volunteers.
  • We may not need a dumpster.
  • If we are getting a dumpster, maybe we can have this after the yard sale.
Yard Sale:
We need to research other events in town before committing to a date.
Board of Directors Meeting times in the coming months:
  • 6:30 PM or after
  • No Thursdays
  • No March 11-17th
Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 6th 2012 at 6:30 PM.


2012 Projects

  • Work with Lawyer on Land Issues
  • Standardize Backyard Fence Specifications
  • Work on the Speeding Issue

2012 Board Members:

  • Robin Ames
  • Todd Gobblinger
  • Janet Hale
  • Chris Lancaster
  • Jeremy Lawrence
  • Dante Lazzaris

2012 Officers & Committee Heads

President: Janet Hale
Vice President: Robin Ames
Treasurer: Dante Lazzaris
Secretary: Todd Gobblinger
Design & Landscape Committee: Chris Lancaster

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