HOA Meeting Minutes 07/08/14

Members present: Janet Hale, Scott Owen, Niel Infante, Lauren Burhans

Members absent: Aaron King, Steve DeGracia

Car Vandalism/Solicitation:

  • No new reports of vandalism; Board has suspicions that break ins may have been a marketing ploy by the Vivint Security Firm that showed up in neighborhood two weeks later using details of the car break ins as scare tactics in their sales pitch
  • Board discussed posting No Solicitation Signs in entrance to development, Scott will look into getting signs

Update on Liens/ Home Sales:

  • Janet filed three liens discussed at last meeting
  • One resident whose home is under contract still owes $50 for resale certificate
  • A resident preparing to sell requested resale certificate
  • Scott talked to Three Stooges about new construction on Hidden Point Trail & found out it is just a spec home that will be for resale
  • Liens on Three Stooges undeveloped lots: letters were going to two company members that now only own lot 43;  Janet has obtained the address for owner of remaining lots & will resend the letters
  • Board discussed sending final warning (certified letter) to those residents with filed liens stating the next step is small claims court; letter will offer and outline a very specific payment plan and include upcoming assessments
  • HOA lawyer Scott Summers says HOA can fill out small claims court documents ourselves, recommends being very specific, consider having him look over the completed documents
  • Board in agreement that taking care of liens is at the top of the priority list; other community projects (ex: mailbox lighting) will be put aside until money is recouped

Hillside Slippage Update:

  • Hillside still seems stable
  • Scott still considering writing a letter to owner of the house (white fenced property) about slippage on their side
  • Landscapes Plus may have been the company that did the initial fix on the past hillside slippage

Website Update:

  • Email address is updated on website
  • Lauren will add minutes to the website but to protect privacy will remove anything that directly identifies residents (ex: house #s or names)
  • Scott needs to send Janet the Building Design & Landscape Committee (BDLC) forms to add to BDLC tab on website

Ruidosa Water Update:

  • Flawless Landscaping expressed interest in the job; Scott will follow up

Building Design and Landscaping Committee:

  • All BDLC community rules violation letters discussed at last meeting have been sent out and produced results:
    • Trailer removed from lawn
    • Owners of undeveloped lots 1 & 2 sent letter stating their willingness to have local landscaping contract to maintain property (Scott recommended Flawless Landscaping to them)
    • Dog not barking anymore, no new complaints of pets going to bathroom on neighbors property
  • Owner of noncompliant deck has not been contacted yet

Road Paving:

  • Our bookkeeper at Bookwise recommends we pay off paving loan
  • Board considering getting a quote for the final top coat of entrance road

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, August 12th @ 7 pm


HOA Meeting Minutes 06/09/2014

Members present: Janet Hale, Scott Owen, Steve DeGracia, Niel Infante, Lauren Burhans

Members absent: Aaron King

Car Vandalism:

  • Two residents on Hidden Point Trail and one resident on Arabela reported car break ins; cars were unlocked so there was no sign of forced entry; contents were strewn about and some loose change taken
  • Lauren will send out notice to community members via email and also put a notice on the mailboxes

Update on Liens:

  • No payments have been received from resident who previously wrote letter stating they would pay in 5 installments by September
  • No response back from resident who was provided with a written response back to their questions concerning lien
  • Lien letter was hand delivered 5/8/14 to resident that had previously not picked up their certified letter; resident has failed to respond in the allotted 30 days
  • Janet will proceed with filing liens on all of the above
  • Members discussed “What happens after filing lien?”
    • Resident given copy of filed lien
    • Cannot sell home without paying lien
    • Small claims court is the next step (may not require attorney?)
  • No response still from Three Stooges for failure to pay dues on their undeveloped lots; next option may be to go through HOA lawyer Scott Summers

Hillside Slippage Update:

  • Hillside slippage on right seems stable; Building Design & Landscaping Committee (BDLC) could still not find any drainage pipes; letter might be sent to owner CZS to inquire
  • Hillside slippage on left (white fence bordered property) might also require a letter to owner stressing that they need to address slippage issues since it is affecting the neighborhoods only right of way access in & out of community

Website Update:

  • Janet has written instructions for posting minutes
  • Niel has created a new google group email: hiddenpoint@googlegroups.com;   Niel will look into whether it is possible to change ownership of group (as members come & go)

Mailbox Lighting Update:

  • Scott showed examples of several LED lamp posts (solar); might require small concrete pad to secure
  • Must make sure the light does not shine into neighboring homes

Speed bump Labeling Update:

  • Speed bumps have been painted

Ruidosa Water Update:

  • Members agree Stone Paving is not a good choice to contract for job due to their slow response to other contracted projects
  • Janet will contact Flawless Landscaping to see if they do drainage work or ask them for a referral to another company that does that type of work

Building Design and Landscaping Committee:

  • BDLC is preparing letters to one resident and the two undeveloped entrance lots right side of Ruidosa and lot 67 on Arabela for lawn maintenance noncompliance
  • Additional letters are being prepared to Three Stooges for prolonged construction material storage (pipes) on undeveloped HPT lots AND the owner of the utility trailer that has been stored on the lawn between two homes
  • Board gave permission for BDLC to send out the above letters
  • Owner of noncompliant deck will be given the variance acknowledgement form to sign

Community Garage Sale:

  • Lauren will advertise for June 21st garage sale

Street Cleaning Update:

  • K & M Street Cleaning is the closest service (Bridgeport based); cost based on hourly rate and includes travel to & from ($85/hr with $340 minimum charge)
  • $400-500 is the estimate for our neighborhood
  • Board members would like to know if they can stipulate a maximum that would be charged

Pet Complaints:

  • Several complaints about a particular resident allowing their pets to go to the bathroom on other people’s property; Janet will send them a letter
  • Complaints about a barking dog

 NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, July 8th @ 7 pm


HOA Meeting Minutes 05/06/2014

Members present: Janet Hale, Scott Owen, Niel Infante, Lauren Burhans

Members absent: Aaron King, Steven DeGracia

Update on Liens:

  • Letter to Three Stooges sent out today- inquiry regarding their failure to pay for their undeveloped lots, waiting for response before filing official lien
  • Two residents are now paid in full
  • One resident has offered to is pay in 5 installments, will be paid in full by September
  • No receipt received yet for one lien letter, Janet will reprint and Niel will attempt hand delivery to homeowner, will modify letter so due date is one month after receipt of letter
  • One resident responded to letter with specific questions, Janet wrote a response letter; homeowners previous lien from 2010 was paid in March 2012 but old lien not removed; current lien is from unpaid amounts since March 2012
  • Janet will be meeting with Bookwise to take care of paying the amount owed from new resident who was not informed of amount owed on paving assessment at time of sale

Contracts Update:

  • Received signed landscaping contract (mowing of common areas) from Flawless Landscaping
  • Scott co-signed new contract with Bookwise bookkeeping firm for HOA’s accounting

Hillside Slippage:

  • Scott got confirmation that French drains that output to a specific inlet were installed in hillside, plans to examine more closely with the Building Design and Landscaping Committee (BDLC)

Website Update:

  • Janet working on instructions for website modification using WordPress
  • Niel will create a new group email

Mailbox Lighting

  • We own outside but not inside of mailboxes so could possibly attach lights to the outside or alternatively install a small pole in between
  • $500 should be the max for any lighting expenses, money can come from the Capital Improvement part of the HOA budget ($10,000)

Speed bump Labeling:

  • Scott will contact Stone Paving one more time to get them to paint labels on the speed bumps (written in their contract, so they have an obligation to do this); white is the preferred color of labels

Ruidosa Water Update:

  • No change, but Scott may ask Stone Paving to do an assessment when they come to paint speed bumps

 Building Design and Landscaping Committee:

  • BDLC is preparing a letter to Three Stooges to clean up construction materials on the right side of Hidden Point Trail, Board will review

Community Events:

  • Garage Sale : Saturday, June 21st
  • Clean up Week: Dumpster delivery week of July 7th
  • Community Potluck: Saturday, August 16th
  • Lauren will prepare a community newsletter and advertise for the garage sale

Street cleaning:

  • Scott would like to look into the cost of having a street sweeping/vacuum truck come to the community to clean up road debris, which is especially bad at the bottom of some of the community’s hills

NEXT MEETING: June3rd, at 7:00 pm

HOA Meeting Minutes 04/08/2014

 Members present: Janet Hale, Scott Owen, Lauren Burhans, Niel Infante, Steven DeGracia

Members absent: Aaron King

Update on Liens:

  • Janet has lien notification letters ready for three residents (letters give residents ~2 weeks to pay, provide breakdown on what is owed, copy of lien form)
  • For a lien to be filed, resident must be past due 90 days
  • Three Stooges has 30 undeveloped lots that were not paid since 2011; Janet will write letter to request why before proceeding with lien
  • Present members agreed HOA will pay the balance (minus interest) of the past due paving assessment for newer resident that was not informed as required during the sale of the home
  • Janet suggested adding house #’s of those who owe in the annual meeting letter, will not post on website since it is public domain

Update on CPA:

  • Bill dispute with previous accounting firm CPA now closed, they accepted what we agreed to pay (original bill minus interest and the cost of having new firm Bookwise fix the records)

Flawless Landscaping Contracts:

  • Have signed copy of snow removal contract, waiting for copy of the contract for mowing of community common areas (just sent out recently)

Rules and Regulations:

  • Janet has added the recently passed community Rules and Regulations to the bylaws

Entrance Hillside Slippage:

  • CTL engineering firm claims MUB installed French drains (draining to the catch basins); also noted that the hillside contains a good rock layer underneath so the hillside should be stable (rock layer also runs under our entrance road)
  • Scott plans to reconfirm with CTL if they are positive about the French drains, has taken pictures of hillside issues and will prepare a letter to send to the hillside owner (CZS)

HOA Website:

  • Website domain good through this year
  • Jeremy still not responding to request to change the google group email (so that HOA emails go to the current HOA Board); Niel will create a new email if Jeremy still fails to respond

Mailbox Lighting:

  • Niel will find out whether US Postal Service permits us to attach lights to the mailboxes
  • Priority is to make sure lights do not shine at any homes

Ruidosa Water Issue and Speedbumps:

  • Aaron spoke to the two homeowners where the water issue is, they are both fine with proceeding with having the issue fixed
  • Stone Paving still needs to paint our speedbumps, if we contracted them to fix the drainage, possibly too busy to complete this summer
  • Larger speedbump sign has been installed

Building Design and Landscaping Committee:

  • BDLC developed a variety of forms, copies were shared with Board:
    • Application Form for Unit Construction or Improvement
    • Variance Request Form for previous construction
    • Variance Request Form for new construction
    • Variance Acknowledgement for new home owners
  • BDLC will keep all forms on file
  • BDLC forms should be added to HOA website
  • Applications should be mailed to HOA box (714 Venture Dr. #184), may need to have Bookwise check mail more frequently or HOA will check it?
  • Other forms that may be developed:
    • “Letter of Compliance” for homeowners getting ready to sell, gives BDLC leverage to address previous noncompliant construction/improvements before owner can sell
    • Checklist that must be completed before resale certificate issued
  • BDLC is going to do a general survey of homes, looking for unapproved variances
  • Noncompliance Issues for Community Rules and Regulations:
    • Example noncompliance issue discussed was that of neighbors repeatedly driving on grass or long term parking on lawn
    • Noncompliance letters will be approved through the Board

HOA Insurance Policy:

  • Scott will distribute a copy to the Board

Pierpont Road Conditions:

  • Discussion about whether MUB is responsible for fixing the bad patch job they did on Pierpont Rd when installing the sewer lines late last fall

Next Meeting Time: Tuesday, May 6th at 7:30 pm

HOA Meeting Minutes 03/04/2014

 Members present: Janet Hale, Scott Owen, Aaron King, Lauren Burhans, Niel Infante, Steven DeGracia

Members absent: NONE

Correction/Update on Lien filling process:

  • Notarized letter and lien form sent to resident
  • Failure to pay within 2 weeks, lien officially filed with court house and filling fees added to lien amount
  • Filling fee is $11? ; fee also for removing lien
  • Lawyer Scott Summers only gets involved if it is taken to small claims

Current Liens:

  • One resident has paid back ½ of lien so far
  • Janet will work on filling liens on the four homes owing more than $1000
  • Aaron works close to courthouse & has volunteered to help if needed
  • Our bookkeeper is working on current invoices

Bill dispute with former accounting firm CPA:

  • In response to a letter from HOA lawyer Scott Summers, CPA has admitted to less than optimal service but has not come down on the original billing amount because of claims the bill already reflected credits given for work that did not meet client expectations
  • Board members decided to respond that we will pay what is owed minus the cost of having our records fixed by our new firm Bookwise ($350); Board will respond directly to Susan from CPA rather than asking lawyer Scott
  • To avoid situations like what happened with CPA, Janet has a more detailed list of expectations for services we receive from Bookwise

Flawless Landscaping Contract:

  • Need to get a signed copy of our contract with Flawless Landscaping for snow removal, mowing

Community Rules & Regulations:

  • White color specification for fencing removed; fence color will be subject to approval by the Building Design and Landscaping Committee
  • Final version of the Community Rules & Regulations was voted on and approved by the majority vote, goes into effect April 1st:
    • Vote YES: Janet, Steve, Lauren
    • Vote NO: Aaron, Niel
  • Lauren will write introductory letter and include with final version to be mailed/emailed to all residents

Maintenance of Community Drainage Ditches/Rock Drains

  • Difficult to tell from neighborhood plots whose property contains the drains
  • Board agreed to reimburse resident for weed killer used to maintain area around drain

Entrance Hillside Slippage:

  • Janet acquired contact info (phone #) for the owners (CZS) of the hillside (right side when entering the neighborhood)
  • Scott is getting together a letter to send to MUB about hillside slippage due to the sewer connection work they completed late last fall; wants to document the slippage with pictures after all the snow has melted
  • Engineering firm CTL evaluated the hill some time ago. Scott is going to look into obtaining a copy of the evaluation which can hopefully be used to get MUB and CZS to fix it properly

HOA Website:

  • Previous Board member Jeremy needs to update google email group so current members can receive the emails sent to the HOA email address listed on the website
  • Janet will check to see if we are current on fees paid for website

Storage of HOA documents:

  • The HOA has a safety deposit box at BB & T bank
  • Janet is housing the majority of the documents in her home office
  • Some discussion of digitizing the documents to make transfer easier as Board members come & go

Lighting for Mailbox Area:

  • Niel volunteered to look into solar light options for the mailbox area

Drainage Issues on Ruidosa:

  • Aaron volunteered to talk to residents on Ruidosa about the drainage issues
  • Scott suggested talking to Stone Paving as well, possibly contracting them to do the work needed?

Larger Sign for Speed Bumps:

  • Questions were raised as to whether former Board member Todd ever made any progress on obtaining a larger speed bump sign

Next meeting Date change:

  • Niel has a conflict for the usual meeting time for April, so Board members agreed to switch April meeting to 2nd Tues of the month, April 8th



HOA Meeting Minutes 02/04/2014

Members present: Janet Hale, Scott Owen, Aaron King, Lauren Burhans, Niel Infante

Absent: Steve DeGracia

Assignment of New Officers:

Scott Owen – President

Niel Infante – Vice President

Janet Hale – Treasurer

Lauren Burhans – Secretary

Agreed upon Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday of every month, 7:30 pm

CPA (Old Accounting Firm for the HOA):

  • CPA sent us another bill with late fees/interest added, ignored our previous request for an itemized bill
  • Janet will ask HOA lawyer Scott Summers to send CPA a letter requesting the itemized bill/disputing the charges

Issues Brought up at the Annual Meeting:

  • Snow Removal
    • Discussed setting up a one-on-one sit down to go over resident issues/complaints
    • Consensus of members present to re-sign with Flawless Landscaping for another year
      • due to the unusual volume of snow this year, give him the benefit of the doubt
      • have had difficulties getting bids from any other companies in the past
    • HOA will consider purchasing reflectors for residents to mark curbs in an effort to improve ability of snowplows in clearing roads & cul du sacs (cost: ~$50 for 100)
  • Property Maintenance Guidelines/Fences– Scott will make some adjustments to the wording and the board will review these changes
  • Rock drain between lower Arabela and Hidden Point Trail– Scott will find out whose property it is to determine who is responsible for maintenance on either side
  • Prolonged parking of vehicles on the road- Scott will speak to his neighbor about leaving trucks on the road long term
  • Liens – Discussion about how to deal with those in lien:
    • Approaching directly (“Friendly Neighbor” strategy) was discussed but not agreed upon
    • HOA sends certified letters to those in lien
    • Verify that homeowners have signed their Resale Certificate
  • Clean Up Day – consider increasing 2015 years budget to allow for two dumpsters
  • Ruidosa Water Issue – Talk to homeowners about the possibility of the HOA funds being used to re-route their drainage
  • Speedbumps – email the paving company closer to the spring to remind them to come back and label them, consider doing it ourselves
  • Hillside Slippage
    • Janet will get contact info for the owner of the hillside (right hill coming into neighborhood) to talk about having them plant trees to prevent further erosion
    • Consider talking to MUB about reseeding the areas they disturbed from installing the sewer line
  • Updating the website
    • Janet has to contact Jeremy to change the google group email listed on the website so that it goes to current rather than past members
    • Janet is working on instructions for updating website content so Lauren can take that over, 1st priority- adding searchable pdf’s of the Declaration & bylaws

Topics that need further Discussion:

  • Solar lights for the mailboxes
  • Plans for the final topcoat on the entrance hill
  • Possibility of a Facebook Page for the community

2014 Board Members:

  • Lauren Burhans
  • Steven DeGracia
  • Janet Hale
  • Niel Infante
  • Aaron King
  • Scott Owen

2014 Officers

  • President –> Scott Owen
  • Vice President –> Niel Infante
  • Treasurer –> Janet Hale
  • Secretary –> Lauren Burhans

Design and Landscape Committee

  • Member –> Mike Krannich
  • Member –> Steven DeGracia
  • Member –> Scott Owen



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